Outdoor Grounds


The Student Activities Office manages the use of outdoor grounds space by recognized student groups and campus departments. Our staff will provide logistic insight, as well as appropriate assignment of grounds based on the nature of the event.

Student groups interested in requesting outdoor grounds locations may submit requests through SAO360.

Campus departments may request outdoor grounds locations by emailing saores@nd:edu


The following resources have been provided to assist those interested in planning outdoor events:

  • Requests for use of outdoor grounds should be submitted in as far advance as possible (preferably more than a week before the event). This allows time for the Student Activities Office to coordinate with other departments to ensure all proper approvals have been obtained.
  • Certain locations on campus may require additional approvals.
  • Most reservations for will require a meeting with the Director of Student Activities to review logistics of the use of grounds.
  • The only two approved locations for bonfires are Holy Cross Hill and the bonfire area northwest of Carroll Hall. Requests for these areas should be submitted at least two weeks in advance, as additional approvals are required.
  • If you plan on staking anything into the ground (tent poles, metal spikes, decorations, athletic equipment, inflatables, etc.), you must submit a Utility Locate Form to the Utilities Department (the building located just north of the power plant) at least two business days before your event in order for all appropriate utility agencies and campus departments to mark areas with underground systems so as to not damage them. You are encouraged to submit the form at least 3-5 business days before your event.



Groups interested in sponsoring a 5K run should be advised of additional protocol in place which has been created to ensure all campus runs are successful. An SAO360 request is required to initiate an inquiry for a campus run. General questions can be directed to saores@nd.edu