Meet the Team

In July 2017, a new chapter began in Student Activities Office history as Student Activities Facilities and Programming restructured and combined.  The Student Activities Office team is excited about the changes our re-imagined department will bring to better serve our students, faculty, staff, alumni and guests.


Ashley Katlun
Legends General Manager for Facilities and Programming
Email: / Phone Ext.: (574) 631-8684
Areas:  Catering, Nightclub

Carol Taylor
Coordinator of Office Services 631-7308

Casey St. Aubin  
Assistant Director 631-7308
Activities Liaison for Athletic Clubs, JPW, Junior Class, Exec Cab
Advisor to Junior Class Council, Exec Cabinet Junior Parents Weekend

Dan Semple
Operations Assistant 

Deb Acrey  
Student Government Bookkeeper 631-7417

Devon Ossorio   
Assistant Director 631-7308
Activities Liaison for Cultural Clubs, Senior Class, Judicial Council, Student Media, Social Service Clubs which travel internationally or fund-raise, any club with an event costing more than $5k, Religious Clubs
Advisor to Senior Class Council, Judicial Council, Bookstore Basketball

Heather Saunders
Operations Assistant

Joe Wheeler
Maintenance Technician

Kathleen Van Vleet
Assistant Director, Washington Hall
Email: / Phone Ext.: (574) 631-8684
Areas:  Reservations, production services, maintenance & key access issues,  Scene Shop, Rehearsal Space

Kathy Dougherty
Coordinator of Office Services
Email: | Phone Ext: (574)631-7308

Kimberly Miller
Staff Assistant
Email: | Phone Ext.: (574) 631-4073
Areas: Student Shop ND Fulfillment, Cake Service Fullfillment

Laurie Hesch
Graduate Student Union Administrative Assistant 631-6963

Nancy Walsh
Student Government Office Assistant 631-7668

Peggy Hnatusko  
Director | Phone Ext.: (574) 631-7308
Activities Liaison for U Village, Knights of Columbus, PrismND, Student Senate 
Advisor to Student Senate

Rochelle Upshur
Assistant Director LaFortune Student Center
Email: | Phone Ext.: (574) 631-5028
Areas:  Tennant Resources, maintenance & key access issues, Information Desk and Ticket Box Office, Cake Service, Student Shop ND, Parent Programs (Residential Linen Program and Care Packages), Information Desk Attendants, and           Cake Service Attendants
Advisor to Irish Gardens

Ron Grisoli
Assistant Director Duncan Student Center
Email: | Phone Ext.: (574) 631-4075
Areas:  Tennant Resources, maintenance & key access issues, Information Desk, Building Management

Steve Levy
Operations Assistant

TBA - Assistant Director for Student Clubs
Activities Liaison for Undergraduate Clubs except those listed above,
Club Coordination Council, Grad Clubs at Large, MBAA, MBAA, MSAA and MSNAS Clubs, SBA, SBA Clubs           
Advisor to Sophomore Class Council, CCC

Washington Hall Assistant Program Manager [responsibilities currently held by Kat Van Vleet]

Operations Manager/Reservations  Interested in this position? Check out the posting at [responsbilities currently handled by Peggy Hnatusko]

Legends Events and Catering Manager [responsibilities currently held by Ashely Katlun]

Program Coordinator  [responsibilities currently held by Devon Ossorio]
Activities Liaison for  FUEL, SUB, Executive Programming Board
Advisor to FUEL, Student Union Board, Executive Programming Board

Staff Receptionist  631-7308 Interested in this position? Check out the posting at

Media Staff Directory and Liaison Directory

Bob Franken - Print Media Coordinator 631-3671
 Advisor to The Dome, Juggler, Scholastic Magazine and The Shirt Project

Laurie McFadden - Broadcast Media Specialist 631-9059
Advisor to WVFI, WSND, ND-TV

Student Affairs Partners

Arianne Judy -  Assistant Director of RecSports, Intramurals
         Advisor and Activities Liaison to Bookstore Basketball

Brian Coughlin - Associate Vice President for Student Development,
          Advisor to the Undergraduate Student Government President and Vice President

Margaret Morgan -  Director of Residence Life for Programming
          Activities Liaison to the Undergraduate Residence Communities, HPC
          Advisor to HPC

Maureen McKenney - Asst. Director for Student Development,
          Advisor and Activities Liaison to the FMB

Mimi Beck - Graduate Student Life Program Director
          Advisor and Activities Liaison to the GSU

Tony Oleck - Assistant Director of Housing, Off Campus Students and Transitions
           Advisor and Activities Liaison to the Off Campus Council

Ryan Willerton - Director of the Office of Community Standards, Activities Liaison to the Freshmen Class Council
           Advisor and Activities Liaison to the Freshmen Class Council


As of 8/1/2017. Please note that our area code is (574)