Meet the Team

Ron Grisoli
Interim Director of Student Activities Facilities
Email: / Phone Ext.: (574) 631-4075

Areas: Student Activities Facilities Department, Outdoor Grounds requests, renovations.

Amy Belke
Senior Administrative Assistant
Email: / Phone Ext.: (574) 631-6912

Areas: Reservations, Key Check-Out, Facilities Support, Digital Display Formatting

Rochelle Upshur
Assistant Director LaFortune Student Center
Email: / Phone Ext.: (574) 631-5028

Areas:  Tennant Resources, maintenance & key access issues, Information Desk and Ticket Box Office, Cake Service, Student Shop ND, Parent Programs (Residential Linen Program and Care Packages), Information Desk Attendants, and Cake Service Attendants, and Advisor to Irish Gardens

Kimberly Miller
Staff Assistant
Email: / Phone Ext.: (574) 631-4073

Areas: Student Shop ND Fulfillment, Cake Service Fullfillment

Washington Hall Management:

Ron Grisoli
Washington Hall Program Manager
Email: / Phone Ext.: (574) 631-2805

Kathleen Van Vleet
Washington Hall Assistant Program Manager
Email: / Phone Ext.: (574) 631-8684

Joe Wheeler
Maintenance Technician